Do you know how many Maps features have been launched in the past 6 months?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 | 9:35 PM

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Dear friends,

I hope this year is off to a lovely start for all of you. It's now time to wrap up what we have accomplished in the past six months and look forward to having a more exciting new year!

* 2X Street View coverage (12/9/08)
* Maps browse, Local Business Center, and Local Trends for China (11/27/08)
* New UI for Street View (11/25/08)
* AIR support for Maps API for Flash(11/23/08)
* Street View in Spain, Italy, and France (11/4/08)
* Reverse geocoding for Maps API (10/26/08)
* Transit for New York (9/23/08)
* Reverse business lookup (9/9/08)
* Map Maker tool for creation of map data (8/29/08)
* Street View launched in Japan and Australia (8/6/08)
* Google Maps UI redesign (8/5/08)
* Walking directions (7/22/08)

Happy Mapping!

Maps Guide Jade