Jog your memory with Saved Locations

Friday, May 15, 2009 | 10:43 AM

For places I don't visit frequently, the hardest part about finding them on Google Maps can be remembering the right address. The dentist's office or a museum, for example -- places I've found on Google Maps before, but not quite recently enough to remember the exact address to search for a second time. Fortunately, when I'm signed in to my Google account, Google Maps automatically saves the addresses I search for. The Saved Locations list can hold up to 100 different places -- an indispensable address book that I add to each time I search for somewhere new.

To see what locations are on your list, sign into your Google account and click the small gray triangle just to the right of the search box. You'll see a list of a few of the locations you've searched for recently, as well as the option to enable or disable the automatic saving of your searches. Click Edit saved locations to see a full list of all your saved places. You can change a particular address by clicking Edit, as well as add a label. You can search using your saved labels just as you would an address; typing 'Jen's house' or 'Hardware store' can be a lot easier to remember than an address.

Finally, you can click the green arrow next to a saved location to set it as your default location -- it's the map you'll see whenever you sign into Google Maps, and it's useful if you usually look for places in the same area. It doesn't have to be a street address; you can set any location to be your default. So, for addresses you search for repeatedly that seem to slip your mind, or a new place you want to save so that you won't have to remember it again, the Saved Locations ensures that racking your brain for an address will never hold you back from finding your way.

Sarah, your friendly Maps tips guru