Today's quick tip: Find coordinates of an address or business

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 | 2:40 PM

Finding the latitude and longitude coordinates of a point on Google Maps is easy.

First, right-click on the location you're interested in and select Center map here.

Now, in the upper corner of the map, click Link. This is where you'll find your lat-long coordinates:

Here's the complete link if I paste it here:,-87.623531&spn=0.005288,0.009409&z=17

You can paste these coordinates back into the search bar on Google Maps to check them.

You can find the coordinates of businesses and addresses the same way. Just open the business marker, or find the address you're interested in, and link to the page with the search result. You'll find the latitude and longitude coordinates in the same place in the URL.

Happy mapping,
Maps Guide Jen