Is your business being incorrectly lumped with another? We're listening.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 | 11:57 AM

A business listing in Google Maps is a bundle of information from lots of sources, including web pages, various phonebook makers, and review sites. The way this information appears is determined by an algorithm that decides which information from each source should be clustered together as a single business. 

Some of the Localsearch quality folks recently launched a shiny new algorithm for exactly this purpose. I was really psyched, because a bunch of duplicate businesses got consolidated properly after this change.  However, I've been seeing some user feedback in the forum about businesses that are still being lumped together improperly, so it looks like the algorithm needs tinkering. The team is now working on a fix that aims to solve this problem for the users who are hurting, without taking a step backward in terms of our overall quality. Joel asked me to post a brief note to let you folks know that we're listening to you on this issue. You should also know that these sorts of changes typically take several weeks to go live, so please bear with us. Thanks.

Nina Kang, Software Engineer