Tuesday, May 5, 2009 | 1:56 PM

We wanted to hear what our users are thinking about Google Maps so we posted a short questionnaire on our Help Forum. Here's a look at what one user, Brian S, had to say:

What is your favorite Google Maps Feature?
Door to door directions, for convenience, and Street View, so I can see where businesses are in relation to intersections etc, and what to look for when finding them. But I really LOVE the "drag to change route" feature.  Probably my favorite of all.  So convenient and awesome -- if it's not showing the exact route that I want to take, I can just drag it!  (Yes I know I can also type it in if I want to be super precise, but this is quick & easy.)

How did you first discover Google Maps?
[I was] using google then I saw the link for Maps and realized it was much better than what I was already using.  I just instinctively started typing in locations and driving directions or landmarks ("near") after that.

Please describe how Google Maps helped you in a specific situation.
Many times it has given me door to door that got me there faster than I could have figured on my own.  It helps identify shortcuts or alternate routes.  And it's helped me identify problem traffic bottlenecks for commutes or getting to special events.

If you could make your own Google Maps dream feature, what would it be?
A playback feature to automatically view an entire route (or directions) on Street View . [And] comprehensive traffic information.

What is your least favorite Google Maps feature?
Missing major streets on Street View (Baker St. in Costa Mesa, CA).  Inaccurate intersections (like Trask Ave. & Magnolia St. in Garden Grove, CA) that give bizarre/inaccurate results, like "not found."

What are some of your other favorite Google products?
Gmail and a few others (I just discovered Sites).  Mostly through word of mouth or via invites from friends.

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